The Meat of the Issue

Young pigs in a pen at the Grand Canal Pig Farm in Jiaxing, China

Large-scale meat production and consumption are harming human health and the environment in wealthy countries. But in poor countries, raising […]

Grain Expectations


Grain reserves can be key in muting food price shocks and stabilizing food markets, but managing them is complicated. How […]

Where’s the Money?

Man checks coffee beans with gray handheld machine

In villages across the world, smallholder farmers have banded together to cut their costs and raise their profits. These collectives […]

Talking with Frank Rijsberman

Photo of Frank Rijsberman

Frank Rijsberman joined the CGIAR Consortium as CEO in May 2012. Previously, he was director of water, sanitation, and hygiene strategy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ready for Anything?

Woman in red with umbrella walks across flooded field to small house

The timing was perfect, unfortunately. This past June, a United Nations committee released a report called Food Security and Climate […]

Real-World Idealist

Photo fo Ousmane Badiane

Ousmane Badiane has been instrumental in ensuring that Africans take the lead in setting the agenda for agricultural renewal in […]

Switched on Surveys

Close up of hands typing on a portable computer on a case

Household surveys, once a mostly low-tech activity, are becoming increasingly digital—with benefits for the quality and timeliness of IFPRI’s research […]

Kenyan Triple Play


Farming for the planet can also be good for the bottom line. A new study has identified “triple wins”—specific farming […]

The Upside of Too Many Men


What happens when there are too many men for a given population of women? The men become entrepreneurs, work harder […]

Indian Enigma

A row of young Indian children look at the camera

It shouldn’t be like this. In India, where economic growth has boomed in recent years, more than 40 percent of […]