Archives for October 2012

The Meat of the Issue

Large-scale meat production and consumption are harming human health and the environment in wealthy countries. But in poor countries, raising […]

Grain Expectations

Grain reserves can be key in muting food price shocks and stabilizing food markets, but managing them is complicated. How […]

Where’s the Money?

In villages across the world, smallholder farmers have banded together to cut their costs and raise their profits. These collectives […]

Talking with Frank Rijsberman

Frank Rijsberman joined the CGIAR Consortium as CEO in May 2012. Previously, he was director of water, sanitation, and hygiene strategy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ready for Anything?

The timing was perfect, unfortunately. This past June, a United Nations committee released a report called Food Security and Climate […]

Real-World Idealist

Ousmane Badiane has been instrumental in ensuring that Africans take the lead in setting the agenda for agricultural renewal in […]

Switched on Surveys

Household surveys, once a mostly low-tech activity, are becoming increasingly digital—with benefits for the quality and timeliness of IFPRI’s research […]

Kenyan Triple Play

Farming for the planet can also be good for the bottom line. A new study has identified “triple wins”—specific farming […]

The Upside of Too Many Men

What happens when there are too many men for a given population of women? The men become entrepreneurs, work harder […]

Indian Enigma

It shouldn’t be like this. In India, where economic growth has boomed in recent years, more than 40 percent of […]