¿Qué tiene que ver la política con todo esto?

Por mucho tiempo, la nutrición ha sido desatendida en los círculos de política pública. Quienes abogan por la nutrición en los países en desarrollo están aprendiendo la forma de integrar el tema a la agenda política y de llevar a cabo acciones efectivas.

Coffee Break

Disease threatens coffee farmers’ livelihoods in Central America

Talking with Tariq Khokhar

Tariq Khokhar is the open data evangelist at the World Bank. In April 2010, the bank launched its open data […]

Measuring the Spending Gap

It’s going to take a lot of agricultural research to meet the world’s future food needs. Nienke Beintema and Gert-Jan Stads say that so far we’re not spending enough to get the job done.

In Search of a Chain Reaction

Building agricultural value chains may raise farmers’ incomes and make it easier to produce safer, more nutritious food.

Talking with Michael Hailu

CTA director discusses current development issues and his own path to international development work

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

42% of the world’s poor now depend on degraded lands for food and income, yet little serious effort has been made to reverse land degradation.

Overcoming Traders’ Block

During the global food crisis of 2007-08, one country after another slammed the door on food exports to protect domestic […]

Plenty of Water, but Crops Are Going Thirsty

Sub-Saharan Africa is using only a small fraction of the water it has available for irrigation, and new research points to how and where irrigation systems could be most profitably built.