Mixed Signals

How do you prepare for climate change when forecasts point in different directions?

The War of Words over Biofuels

Research on land use is used as evidence in Europe's battle over biofuel mandates, but the issue remains unsettled.

Bean Counting

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A New US Farm Bill—but the Song Remains the Same

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Measuring Women’s Rights and Roles

What inequalities do women face in Ethiopia?

Help Wanted

Does India's public works jobs program actually help poor people?

Here Comes the Sun

How did the once-struggling Indian state of Bihar achieve a boom in maize production?

Grounded in Reality

Only by understanding the situation on the ground, says Ruth Meinzen-Dick, can we help poor people get their share of land, water, and other resources.

Farmers Power Up

A vibrant market in farm machinery services is emerging in Africa.

Smart Money?

Many African governments subsidize fertilizer for farmers. Are the subsidies worth it?