Measuring Hunger

How many people in the world are going hungry? It’s a complicated question.

Agricultural Extension 2.0

What’s the best way to share information with farmers?

Can Peer Pressure Pay Off?

Group payment schemes could help promote conservation

Kid Power

Children deliver health and agriculture messages

The Meat of the Issue

Large-scale meat production and consumption are harming human health and the environment in wealthy countries. But in poor countries, raising […]

Grain Expectations

Grain reserves can be key in muting food price shocks and stabilizing food markets, but managing them is complicated. How […]

Real-World Idealist

Ousmane Badiane has been instrumental in ensuring that Africans take the lead in setting the agenda for agricultural renewal in […]

Switched on Surveys

Household surveys, once a mostly low-tech activity, are becoming increasingly digital—with benefits for the quality and timeliness of IFPRI’s research […]

Land Rush

Large-scale land deals are increasingly common in some developing regions. What happens to the poor people who are already there? […]

How Many Kilograms of Meat Per Person?

Per capita meat consumption, 2000 and 2050, by region