Overcoming Traders’ Block

During the global food crisis of 2007-08, one country after another slammed the door on food exports to protect domestic […]

Rising Food Prices

Infographics show some of the impacts of rising food prices on people around the world.

Maize, Rice, Beans…& Sprinkles?

Researchers are studying ways of bolstering diets to prevent child malnutrition in Guatemala, which has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world.

It’s a Small World

Nanotechnologies for food production and water safety could help improve the lives and livelihoods of poor people, but will they actually reach the poor?

Cutting Hunger in Real Time

A partnership between IFPRI and the Government of Bangladesh feeds evidence-based research to policymakers.

Arab Spring Has Sprung

Planning for postrevolution food security in the Middle East and North Africa is underway, and IFPRI is contributing its expertise.

Local Water Woes May Have Global Consequences

Water shortages in China's Yellow River Basin could not only threaten regional food security, but also raise food prices on global markets.

Insurance in Bangladesh: What Do Farmers Want?

Farmers in Bangladesh are helping design innovative saving and insurance schemes that will help them manage risk.

Plenty of Water, but Crops Are Going Thirsty

Sub-Saharan Africa is using only a small fraction of the water it has available for irrigation, and new research points to how and where irrigation systems could be most profitably built.

Clinton at IFPRI: Horn of Africa Crisis

At her recent visit to IFPRI, Hillary Clinton talked about the links between long-term food security and food emergencies like the one unfolding in the Horn of Africa.