Does Money Talk?

FEATURE: Millions of poor people around the world are enrolled in safety net programs that hand out cash or food. What’s the best way to design these transfer programs?

The Family Business

Most farms are family farms. Should we be helping small family farmers to stay in agriculture, or to move up and out?

What’s Politics Got to Do with It?

FEATURE ARTICLE: Nutrition has long been neglected in policy circles. Advocates in developing countries are now learning how to get nutrition on the political agenda and how to take effective action.

¿Qué tiene que ver la política con todo esto?

Por mucho tiempo, la nutrición ha sido desatendida en los círculos de política pública. Quienes abogan por la nutrición en los países en desarrollo están aprendiendo la forma de integrar el tema a la agenda política y de llevar a cabo acciones efectivas.

Measuring Hunger

How many people in the world are going hungry? It’s a complicated question.

The Meat of the Issue

Large-scale meat production and consumption are harming human health and the environment in wealthy countries. But in poor countries, raising […]

Farming Smarter

Conservation agriculture is increasingly common on large commercial farms. The tricky part is making it work for small-scale farmers.

In Search of a Chain Reaction

Building agricultural value chains may raise farmers’ incomes and make it easier to produce safer, more nutritious food.

Overcoming Traders’ Block

During the global food crisis of 2007-08, one country after another slammed the door on food exports to protect domestic […]