Farm Bill Follies

Is the 2013 US Farm Bill destined to wither on the vine?

Talking with Morten Jerven

Morten Jerven is the author of the recent book Poor Numbers: How We Are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do about It

Coffee Break

Disease threatens coffee farmers’ livelihoods in Central America

Getting to Growth

Some forms of aid do more than others for economic growth

Priced Out of the Market

Lack of competition keeps fertilizer prices high

Into the Fray

Is Europe’s biofuel production good or bad for the environment?

Letting the Numbers Speak

Arab Spatial website democratizes data

Can Peer Pressure Pay Off?

Group payment schemes could help promote conservation

Kid Power

Children deliver health and agriculture messages

Talking with Tariq Khokhar

Tariq Khokhar is the open data evangelist at the World Bank. In April 2010, the bank launched its open data […]