Agricultural Extension 2.0

What’s the best way to share information with farmers?

Grain Expectations

Grain reserves can be key in muting food price shocks and stabilizing food markets, but managing them is complicated. How […]

Switched on Surveys

Household surveys, once a mostly low-tech activity, are becoming increasingly digital—with benefits for the quality and timeliness of IFPRI’s research […]

Land Rush

Large-scale land deals are increasingly common in some developing regions. What happens to the poor people who are already there? […]

When Medicine Is Not Enough

IFPRI’s 10-year RENEWAL program changed how people think about AIDS and food security.

Development in Reverse

Some workers in Africa are moving from more productive to less productive forms of employment. What’s going on?

Building a Future

In the wake of the Arab Spring, Yemen’s government is turning to the challenge of food security.

Bottom Up

Local initiative creates a thriving cluster of potato producers in China. Now Anding has become China’s “potato capital.”

Changing Their Ways

IFPRI researcher Purnima Menon is studying how to change the behavior of families and policymakers so they’ll do the right thing for children’s nutrition.

Maize, Rice, Beans…& Sprinkles?

Researchers are studying ways of bolstering diets to prevent child malnutrition in Guatemala, which has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world.