A Place at the Policy Table

Akhter Ahmed feeds the evidence into Bangladesh’s evidence-based policy process.

Grounded in Reality

Only by understanding the situation on the ground, says Ruth Meinzen-Dick, can we help poor people get their share of land, water, and other resources.

Putting a Price Tag on Land Degradation

The costs and benefits of reversing land degradation, says IFPRI’s Ephraim Nkonya, must be expressed in terms that resonate with policymakers and government officials.

“These Villages Are My Laboratory”

Xiaobo Zhang takes to the road to study the realities of life in rural China.

Real-World Idealist

Ousmane Badiane has been instrumental in ensuring that Africans take the lead in setting the agenda for agricultural renewal in […]

Measuring the Spending Gap

It’s going to take a lot of agricultural research to meet the world’s future food needs. Nienke Beintema and Gert-Jan Stads say that so far we’re not spending enough to get the job done.

Talking with Jikun Huang

The director of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy discusses China’s food economy and its role in the world food economy.

Changing Their Ways

IFPRI researcher Purnima Menon is studying how to change the behavior of families and policymakers so they’ll do the right thing for children’s nutrition.

Talking with Michael Hailu

CTA director discusses current development issues and his own path to international development work