Saving for a Sunny Day

Can insurance help Ethiopian farmers survive the droughts that are likely to come?

Coming and Going

Is migration from Africa good or bad for the places migrants leave behind?

What’s Politics Got to Do with It?

FEATURE ARTICLE: Nutrition has long been neglected in policy circles. Advocates in developing countries are now learning how to get nutrition on the political agenda and how to take effective action.

Measuring Hunger

How many people in the world are going hungry? It’s a complicated question.

Agricultural Extension 2.0

What’s the best way to share information with farmers?

“These Villages Are My Laboratory”

Xiaobo Zhang takes to the road to study the realities of life in rural China.

Can Peer Pressure Pay Off?

Group payment schemes could help promote conservation

Kid Power

Children deliver health and agriculture messages

The Meat of the Issue

Large-scale meat production and consumption are harming human health and the environment in wealthy countries. But in poor countries, raising […]

Where’s the Money?

In villages across the world, smallholder farmers have banded together to cut their costs and raise their profits. These collectives […]