The Upside of Too Many Men

What happens when there are too many men for a given population of women? The men become entrepreneurs, work harder […]

Indian Enigma

It shouldn’t be like this. In India, where economic growth has boomed in recent years, more than 40 percent of […]

Land Rush

Large-scale land deals are increasingly common in some developing regions. What happens to the poor people who are already there? […]

Farming Smarter

Conservation agriculture is increasingly common on large commercial farms. The tricky part is making it work for small-scale farmers.

What’s behind the Palm Oil Boom?

Palm oil production has grown ninefold in the past 30 years. Why the surge in demand?

Going Big

Lots of development programs have impact on a small scale, but how do you scale them up so more people can benefit?

Building a Future

In the wake of the Arab Spring, Yemen’s government is turning to the challenge of food security.

Power in Numbers

A new index measures women’s empowerment in agriculture.

In Search of a Chain Reaction

Building agricultural value chains may raise farmers’ incomes and make it easier to produce safer, more nutritious food.

A Potato of a Different Color

A recent HarvestPlus project managed to rapidly integrate orange sweet potatoes into the diets of rural households accustomed to eating white and yellow varieties.