Message from the Director General

The science of farming has moved toward more sparing and efficient use of land, water, and energy. One example is conservation agriculture, a decades-old practice that is producing benefits for the environment and profits for large-scale farmers in some countries.

Farming Smarter

Conservation agriculture is increasingly common on large commercial farms. The tricky part is making it work for small-scale farmers.

Measuring the Spending Gap

It’s going to take a lot of agricultural research to meet the world’s future food needs. Nienke Beintema and Gert-Jan Stads say that so far we’re not spending enough to get the job done.

When Medicine Is Not Enough

IFPRI’s 10-year RENEWAL program changed how people think about AIDS and food security.

Farming for the Long Haul

Here’s how conservation agriculture works.

No-Tillage Farming Worldwide

Where farmers are using conservation agriculture.

Development in Reverse

Some workers in Africa are moving from more productive to less productive forms of employment. What’s going on?

Crowd Cartography

Researchers are using technology and eyes on the ground to map global cropland.

Talking with Jikun Huang

The director of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy discusses China’s food economy and its role in the world food economy.

A Root Cause

More nutritious cassava varieties come to Nigeria.