A Bigger Toolbox

There’s more to fighting malnutrition than just nutrition programs

Putting a Price Tag on Land Degradation

The costs and benefits of reversing land degradation, says IFPRI’s Ephraim Nkonya, must be expressed in terms that resonate with policymakers and government officials.

On Tap

Privatizing water services can improve access to safe water

Détente in the Dairy Sector?

Small dairy producers and multinationals may be able to work together

Pooling the Risk

New lessons on how countries can best join together to insure populations in case of disaster

Saving for a Sunny Day

Can insurance help Ethiopian farmers survive the droughts that are likely to come?

Legal Aid

Can community paralegals help women exercise their land rights?

Mapping the Big Picture

Analyzing pathways of influence can illuminate policy processes and problems

Coming and Going

Is migration from Africa good or bad for the places migrants leave behind?

What’s Politics Got to Do with It?

FEATURE ARTICLE: Nutrition has long been neglected in policy circles. Advocates in developing countries are now learning how to get nutrition on the political agenda and how to take effective action.