Building Bigger Dreams

Can we improve people’s well-being by raising their aspirations?

Insect Husbandry

IFPRI researchers are working with farmers in Cambodia to banish harmful insects and promote beneficial ones.

Portrait of Pakistan

A survey of Pakistan, conducted in the face of serious obstacles, puts numbers to rural realities.

Into the Spotlight

The grain teff has been consumed as a staple in Ethiopia for centuries but is little known outside the country. Now, researchers are training their attention on this understudied crop.

A Place at the Policy Table

Akhter Ahmed feeds the evidence into Bangladesh’s evidence-based policy process.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Africa needs its own Green Revolution, not a knockoff of Asia’s.

Talking with Peter Timmer

Peter Timmer, professor of development studies, emeritus, at Harvard University, talks about why it’s so hard to end hunger.

Untangling the Asian Enigma

Although South Asia has the highest concentration of undernutrition in the world, in the past two decades Bangladesh and Nepal have both achieved striking improvements in the nutrition of their citizens. How did they do it?

Better Nutrition through Song

HarvestPlus is using star power to help spread the word about biofortified staple foods.

Pakistan: The Young and the Restless

62% of Pakistanis live in rural areas, where poverty is a major concern. A new survey of rural Pakistan shows the urgency of improving people’s well-being.