Milk It for All It’s Worth

The dairy value chain shows where to find the greatest risks to milk quality and safety.

Gathering Evidence for Policy Reforms in Pakistan

IFPRI’s Pakistan Strategy Support Program is launching a survey that will shed light on a host of topics.

Bottom Up

Local initiative creates a thriving cluster of potato producers in China. Now Anding has become China’s “potato capital.”

In Search of a Chain Reaction

Building agricultural value chains may raise farmers’ incomes and make it easier to produce safer, more nutritious food.

Message from the Director General

Value chains are garnering attention as a way of achieving broad development outcomes.

Rebuilding Agriculture in the DRC

The DRC abounds in mineral and natural resources, but after decades of conflict, it is economically destitute. But the country may be turning a corner.

Do Women Think Differently about GM Crops?

Women farmers in Colombia have their own reasons for growing genetically modified cotton.

Changing Their Ways

IFPRI researcher Purnima Menon is studying how to change the behavior of families and policymakers so they’ll do the right thing for children’s nutrition.

Talking with Michael Hailu

CTA director discusses current development issues and his own path to international development work

A Potato of a Different Color

A recent HarvestPlus project managed to rapidly integrate orange sweet potatoes into the diets of rural households accustomed to eating white and yellow varieties.