Curb Your Enthusiasm

Africa needs its own Green Revolution, not a knockoff of Asia’s.

Farmers Power Up

A vibrant market in farm machinery services is emerging in Africa.

Legal Aid

Can community paralegals help women exercise their land rights?

Coming and Going

Is migration from Africa good or bad for the places migrants leave behind?

The Ins and Outs of Migration in Africa South of the Sahara

Real-World Idealist

Ousmane Badiane has been instrumental in ensuring that Africans take the lead in setting the agenda for agricultural renewal in […]

Kenyan Triple Play

Farming for the planet can also be good for the bottom line. A new study has identified “triple wins”—specific farming […]

On the Road

In a vast, rapidly developing country like Ethiopia, data—about everything from literacy rates to the number of flour mills—is essential […]

Who’s Farming?

Many agricultural development programs are launched with a faulty assumption: that the farmer is a man. But millions of small-scale […]

When Medicine Is Not Enough

IFPRI’s 10-year RENEWAL program changed how people think about AIDS and food security.