“These Villages Are My Laboratory”

Xiaobo Zhang takes to the road to study the realities of life in rural China.

The Upside of Too Many Men

What happens when there are too many men for a given population of women? The men become entrepreneurs, work harder […]

Talking with Jikun Huang

The director of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy discusses China’s food economy and its role in the world food economy.

Going Big

Lots of development programs have impact on a small scale, but how do you scale them up so more people can benefit?

Bottom Up

Local initiative creates a thriving cluster of potato producers in China. Now Anding has become China’s “potato capital.”

China Comes Calling

This decade, the world’s fastest-growing economy has made a controversial mark on the world’s least-developed continent.

Local Water Woes May Have Global Consequences

Water shortages in China's Yellow River Basin could not only threaten regional food security, but also raise food prices on global markets.