Building Bigger Dreams

Can we improve people’s well-being by raising their aspirations?

Into the Spotlight

The grain teff has been consumed as a staple in Ethiopia for centuries but is little known outside the country. Now, researchers are training their attention on this understudied crop.

The Right Stuff

Ethiopian farmers have long relied on just two kinds of fertilizer to boost nutrients in their depleted soils. Now, they are finally getting more choices.

Measuring Women’s Rights and Roles

What inequalities do women face in Ethiopia?

Saving for a Sunny Day

Can insurance help Ethiopian farmers survive the droughts that are likely to come?

Ethiopia: On the Path from Famine to Food Security

From the Ground Up

Ethiopia has a plan to transform agriculture

On the Road

In a vast, rapidly developing country like Ethiopia, data—about everything from literacy rates to the number of flour mills—is essential […]

From Bartering to Bidding

New essay tells the story of Ethiopia’s commodity exchange.