Talking with Peter Timmer

Peter Timmer, professor of development studies, emeritus, at Harvard University, talks about why it’s so hard to end hunger.

Ethiopia: On the Path from Famine to Food Security

Three Measures of Hunger

Grain Expectations

Grain reserves can be key in muting food price shocks and stabilizing food markets, but managing them is complicated. How […]

Ready for Anything?

The timing was perfect, unfortunately. This past June, a United Nations committee released a report called Food Security and Climate […]

When Medicine Is Not Enough

IFPRI’s 10-year RENEWAL program changed how people think about AIDS and food security.

Building a Future

In the wake of the Arab Spring, Yemen’s government is turning to the challenge of food security.

Rising Food Prices

Infographics show some of the impacts of rising food prices on people around the world.

Clinton at IFPRI: Horn of Africa Crisis

At her recent visit to IFPRI, Hillary Clinton talked about the links between long-term food security and food emergencies like the one unfolding in the Horn of Africa.